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As it says on the front page, we are a music services collective.  Most of us are, or have been, musicians.  Since we draw upon a wide pool of talented freelancers (again, some of whom have been musicians), we can help with:

  • composing: a wide range, including, but not restricted to, film, TV, advertising.  Orchestral or popular, whatever.
  • songwriting (not quite the same as composing): we can offer writing services from scratch, or help out with getting over a writing slump, figuring out why that bridge just isn’t working.  We have songwriters whose specialty is just writing choruses!
  • arranging: need a string arrangement?  horns? or just want some ear candy?
  • recording production & engineering: we love studios but we also love low‐cost multi‐tracking
  • track replacement: have an audio track whose performance just doesn’t quite fit the groove?  or a drum track you sequenced in by hand that you want a drummer to replace?
  • video production: we have filmmakers & editors at our fingertips
  • CD/DVD sleeve design: layout as well as manufacturing brokering if you need it
  • publicity and promotional materials: we know graphic designers from some of the best design houses in the world
  • website design: including back‐end setup and administration, and webhosting
  • tour booking & artist management

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